cultural policy and east asian rivalry

Portada de cultural policy and east asian rivalry


Hong Kong was once an established hub of creativity in Asia recognized internationally for its cinema Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Cantopop its particular form of pop music was popular throughout China and East Asia from the 1970s So why is Hong Kong39s creative industry today in a state of stagnation Cultural Policy and East Asian Rivalry unravels the challenges faced by the creative industries in Hong Kong in relation to the wider East Asian context in countries including Singapore Japan Korea Vietnam Malaysia and China Based on a fouryear study of the gaming industry in Hong Kong this book explores the barriers that creative industries face in the region Fung argues that a lack of cultural policy in Hong Kong has damaged the gaming industry and by extension all creative industries in the region by rendering them uncompetitive Conversely the growing strength of cultural policy in other countries across the region has created further barriers for the industry

  • ISBN: 9781783486250
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