through a local prism

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  • ISBN: 9780739111949
  • Encuadernación: Sin formato definido

In Through a Local Prism, Loubna H. Skalli explores the forces of global cosmopolitanism, European and American, as they collide with local definitions of self, gender, and community in the Arab and Muslim culture. Since the late 1980's, Morocco, a post-colonial Muslim country, has faced dramatic political, economic, and sociocultural changes. Utilizing Moroccan women's magazines, Skalli explores the tensions and intersections between global forces and local traditions with close attention to their impact on gender definitions among Arab Muslims. Drawing on communication, media, and cultural theories, Skalli's research redefines culture, gender, and national identity in the context of the globalized world. The focus on the Middle East makes this book of great interest to scholars and students of cultural studies, communications, and women's studies.

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