the japson club

Portada de the japson club

How had she gone so astray? Six months ago she had been a slightly lonely but perfectly respectable young woman, now, mired in scandal, illicitly involved with a married man, she was three sheets to the wind at the wheel of her car, driving away from a criminal with whom she had spent the night drinking…When successful high flyer Anna joins the exclusive equestrian club ofRosemount, simple fun is all she craves, away from her stressful London careerand any memory of her stifling ex. But space to breathe is soon overtaken bycrowding chaos, blindsided by infatuation, intrigue and a terrifying underworld of crime, Anna&#39,s safe respectability is in tatters and she fears for her life.And who can she trust? Secretive Andrew Japson, whose mysterious way of life seems to be catching up with him? Enigmatic Damien, who is wickedlydisarming one moment and boorishly indifferent the next?Despite the reassurance of Mateus, old friend turned curate, who appears with uncanny timing to administer clear-eyed advice and spiritual wisdom, in the face of murder all Anna&#39,s comfortable certainties crumble to dust. Can thispossibly be real, and how has she got herself in so deep?Long gone is the good girl who was so in control._,

  • ISBN: 9781773702773
  • Encuadernación: Sin formato definido

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