redeveloping communication for social change

Portada de redeveloping communication for social change


  • ISBN: 9780847695881
  • Encuadernación: Sin formato definido

To reshape the field of development communication, this book proposes situating theory and practice within contexts of power, recognising both the ability of dominant groups to control and the potential for marginal communities to resist. Contributors from communication and anthropology explore the global and institutional structures within which agencies construct social problems and interventions, the discourse guiding the normative climate for conceiving and implementing projects, and the practice of strategic interventions for social change. Examining early and emerging models of development, power dynamics, ethnographic approaches, gender issues, and information technologies, they speculate how a framework accounting for power might contribute towards new directions and applications in the field, Instead of mourning the demise of development communication, this volume will provoke critical debate that will help us change our approaches to meet new challenges.

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