living a hard life

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A women&#39,s journey into a life living in the projects and learning of the destiny&nbsp,leading to the woman and mother that made her who she is today.&nbsp,My name is Tammy Terrell and these stories are true and GOD is REAL. The steps that we must take to fulfill our dreams are nothing to the trials that we must take to fulfill GOD&rsquo,s plan for us in the realm of destiny. This to many may be seen as unreal and in many areas, the happenings are truly my fault but my faith truly was tested but I still and will never turn my back on my GOD and honestly, GOD is still there for us (even when we continue with our own individual human needs, wants, and desires).&nbsp,James 1

  • ISBN: 9781635358964
  • Encuadernación: Sin formato definido

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